Executive Team 2018 – 2020

Executive Team

The success of an organization is dependent on strong leadership.

Dr. Ernestine Watson

BPharm. (Hons); PharmD (Mag Cum Laude); RPh
Expertise: Pharmacy Management, Clinical Pharmacy, Research, Pharmacy Legislation, Academia
Hobbies/Passions: Exercising, Gardening , Interior decorating and Writing.

    Dr. Michelle Russell

    Bsc. History and Social Sciences; D.Pharm; PharmD; RPh
    Expertise: Pharmacy Management, Clinical Pharmacy, Patient Care and Counselling
    Hobbies/Passions: Writing poetry, Baking, Gardening, Photography

      Dr. Andrea Daly

      Bsc. Chemistry and Entomolgy, PharmD. ; RPh
      Expertise: Academia, Diabetes Education and Managements, Womens Health
      Hobbies/Passions: Gardening

        Mrs. Keisha Barrett-Clarke

        B.Pharm (Hons.); RPh
        Expertise: Community Pharmacy and Patient Care
        Hobbies/Passions: Reading and Swimming

          Mrs. Christine Barnaby

            Mr. Chavez Foster

            B.Pharm; RPh
            Expertise: Community Pharmacy
            Hobbies/Passions: Service, Brand Development, Resting

            Mrs. Carene Ralph-Brown

            B.Pharm; RPh
            Expertise: Pharmacy Management, Community Pharmacy
            Hobbies/passions: Interior decorating, singing, embroidery

              Miss Roxana Mullings

              B.Pharm(Hons) ; RPh
              Expertise: Community Pharmacy
              Hobbies/Passions: Editorials, Sports, Binge watching television series and spending time with friends.

                Dr. Winsome Christie

                PhD, MClinPharm, MSc. BPharm, ND,VNMI, IIPA, RPh
                Expertise: Clinical Pharmacist; Vitalistic Naturopathic Physician, integrating Alternative Medicine with Clinical Pharmacy practice (MTM), Lecturer and Researcher
                Hobbies: playing the violin, piano,
                Dancing, playing tennis, just having a good time.

                  Dr. Josseth Royal-Morrison

                    Dr. Cameil Wilson-Clarke

                    B.Pharm; PharmD; MA.Teaching; PhD pending; RPh
                    Expertise: Academia, Clinical Pharmacy, Immunization, Bioethics and Clinical Trial Research
                    Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Travelling

                      Mr. Okeeno McLeod

                        Miss. Thadeka Brown

                          Dr. Rose Victory Evans

                          DBAD. (Hons); BPharm. (Hons); PharmD; RPh
                          Expertise: : Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management, Research
                          Hobbies/Passions: : Writing, Gardening, Cooking, Public Speaking